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With our massive inventory, many suppliers and convenient delivery, buying auto parts has never been so easy or affordable.


For a huge selection of high-quality car parts, Winnipeg drivers can find what they’re looking for at Auto Parts Center. We have a larger in-house stock than any other performance parts shop in Winnipeg, and all this is available at competitive pricing. On the off-chance that we don’t carry the parts that you need in our huge inventory, we can order it for you promptly! We receive shipments of parts from our suppliers multiple times each and every week, meaning that there’s never a long wait for anything that we need to order. If you need a part for your standard commuter vehicle or your custom performance car, we can get you the truck and car parts you need! Every day, we see performance-minded customers looking to upgrade their vehicles: race cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, mud bog trucks and more. We have access to race fuel all year round.

Auto Parts Center

We Offer Auto Parts Delivery in Manitoba and Beyond
We’re happy to work around your schedule! That’s why we’re open 6 days a week and have longer opening hours than other performance parts shops. If you’re from out of town and can’t make it into our shop, don’t worry—we offer auto parts delivery throughout Manitoba and even in Ontario and Saskatchewan. We send daily deliveries to the Island Lakes region, and we can ship to the reserves in northern Manitoba. We can put parts on a Greyhound bus or offer air shipping through Perimeter Aviation, Northway Aviation and Amik Aviation. We make daily trips to Perimeter to ensure that our northern customers get their parts ASAP. We don’t charge delivery fees, only freight fees.

Decades of Experience
Our owner Boots has been in the business for 45 years, in which time he has owned 3 business, a drag strip and a race team. He has extensive knowledge about auto parts and racing, so customers from all corners of Manitoba seek him out for advice. Contact Auto Parts Center today for great parts, great service and great prices!

Professional Affiliations
Manitoba Public Insurance


Our Client for 30 Years
Very friendly gets your stuff quick and if it's wrong there is no questions and it will be exchanged with no questions asked!! Been going there since 1989!! Now that says something!!
Darryl M., August 2015

Unsurpassed Knowledge
Unsurpassed knowledge and service. I refuse to deal anywhere else. Boots and his staff go above and beyond no matter the size of the part. Thanks a bunch guys. See you soon!
Garry D., September 2015

Recommended with a Smile
Where I always go for my needed car parts!! Highly recommend! :)
Tiffany C., August 2015


Manitoba’s winters can be harsh on your car or truck


We have high-performance options for racing or off-roading


You’ll never get tired of our great selection of wheels

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