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At Auto Parts Center, we serve customers with a huge range of auto parts needs: perhaps you’re a commuter in need of a new part for the truck that you drive to work, or maybe you want to soup up your car to make it run faster. We sell auto parts for all domestic and imported vehicles in addition to a variety of accessories. When you need car and pickup truck parts in Winnipeg or anywhere in Manitoba, we’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. If we don’t have the part you need in our large inventory, we get multiple shipments a week from our suppliers and can acquire specific parts promptly. You can pick parts up in our Winnipeg shop, and we can also deliver via bus or air. We don’t charge delivery fees, only freight fees, meaning that our parts are affordable for clients in all corners of the province and throughout Ontario and Saskatchewan.

Our parts and services include:

  • Automobile parts and supplies

  • Tire repairs and service

  • Performance parts service

  • Small engine parts

  • Light diesel truck parts

  • Auto accessories and add-ons

  • 4x4 accessories

  • Auto parts shipping (national and international)

Parts for Every Season
Many of the roads in Winnipeg are in bad condition, and our region’s harsh climate means that even new cars start breaking down and need new parts. Our top sellers include CV axles and wheel bearings. Our selection of tires and wheels can also help you to battle the elements.

We’re the Mechanics’ Choice

Please note that we don’t have an auto repair shop and don’t offer repairs. We have a lot of mechanics who purchase parts with us, so if you require automotive repairs or light-duty diesel repairs, we can point you to a reputable mechanic. We also don’t offer maintenance, although if you need a simple repair like changing a tire or spark plug, we may be able to help out depending on the vehicle. We are third party reseller; if you have a problem with a part, you can come to us as we will do what we can to facilitate, but please note that warranties are with the manufacturer and not with us. Contact us today for more information.


Great Service, Great Prices
Just picked up Struts and rear shocks for my Civic, excellent customer service and great prices, Thanks Ernie
Pete D., March 2017

Recommended with a Smile
Where I always go for my needed car parts!! Highly recommend! :)
Tiffany C., August 2015

The Best Place for Parts
Hands down the best place to go for parts my family had been dealing with boots for like 40 years maybe really good guy
Karl C., August 2015


We carry the following brands of car/truck parts:



We have a large inventory and can acquire the parts you need

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