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Manitoba Public Insurance’s winter tire program provides financing for qualifying winter/all-terrain tires, and we offer options all year round. Acceptance is almost guaranteed; all we need is your driver’s license and license plate number to see if you qualify. Once accepted, MPI will finance up to $2,000 (per vehicle) of your purchase price total. Financing is available in terms of 1, 2, 3 or 4 years. The interest rate is low and you can choose the monthly draft date for your very affordable payment.

What Does the Program Cover?
The MPI winter tire program covers the following:

  • Winter and all-terrain tires that qualify

  • Mounting, balancing and installation

  • Tire studding

  • Tire pressure sensors and valve stems

  • Aluminum or steel wheels—fancy or basic, it’s your choice!

  • Shipping to your location if you can’t pick up your purchase

  • Up to $2,000

Manitoba Public Insurance


We have a large inventory and can acquire the parts you need

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