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Our team has been involved in Manitoba's automotive scene for 45 years. Auto Parts Center is Lawrence “Boots” Juskiw’s 3rd auto parts store. We’ve been in business since 1988, and Boots and his wife Jill continue to run the shop to this day.

Red Car

In addition to selling auto parts, Boots was also responsible for relocating our drag strip in the 1970s to its current location in Gimli, Manitoba (approximately an hour outside of Winnipeg).

Today, our Winnipeg shop serves clients in nearly every corner of Manitoba, including Island Lakes, the northern reserves and inaccessible locations. We even deliver to clients in Ontario and Saskatchewan. We work with bus and aviation services in order to offer speedy delivery, and we even provide same-day service when possible. No matter what region you live in, just contact us and we’ll find a way to help! Our aim is to help every single person who walks through our doors.


The Best Place for Parts

Hands down the best place to go for parts my family had been dealing with boots for like 40 years maybe really good guy
Karl C., August 2015

Highly Recommended
Best people to deal with! Highly recommend and!!!!!
Will W., August 2015

Always Willing to Help
Been going here since the day I got my license. Best service and people. Always willing to help and any time of the day/week.
Wayne N., August 2015


We have a large inventory and can acquire the parts you need

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