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If you live in remote regions, it can be difficult to get the specific auto parts you need. At Auto Parts Center in Winnipeg, we want to make it possible for clients in all regions of the province (and beyond) to get the parts they need. That’s why we offer efficient and affordable auto parts delivery in Manitoba. We have many clients in Island Lakes, inaccessible locations and the northern reserves. We can deliver parts via Greyhound bus or via aviation services Perimeter, Northway and Amik. We do daily deliveries and we’ll even offer same-day service when possible. No matter what region you live in, we’ll find a way to help! Best of all, we don’t even charge a delivery fee, so you’ll only have to pay the freight fee.

Auto parts can often be delicate or dangerous to ship, so we can special precautions. We ship our windshields in a special box with proper packing materials and mark it as fragile.

When we ship batteries, we mark them as dangerous goods (since they contain acid); we can also ship AGM batteries that have a gel substance instead of acid and aren’t considered a dangerous good.

We mainly ship parcels rather than pallets. That being said, if you need a motor or differential, we can ship it on a pallet.

Do you want to order a part from us? No matter where you live, no matter what part you need, we’ll find a way to get it to you quickly and affordably. Contact us today.


Great Service, Great Prices
Just picked up Struts and rear shocks for my Civic, excellent customer service and great prices, Thanks Ernie
Pete D., March 2017

The Best Place for Parts
Hands down the best place to go for parts my family had been dealing with boots for like 40 years maybe really good guy
Karl C., August 2015

Our Client for 30 Years
Very friendly gets your stuff quick and if it's wrong there is no questions and it will be exchanged with no questions asked!! Been going there since 1989!! Now that says something!!
Darryl M., August 2015


We have a large inventory and can acquire the parts you need

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